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Not all Prints are Prints....Not all Reproductions are Giclees

All reproductions of original art are considered prints because the paintings are in some way “printed” on another surface. “Fine Art Prints” are made by traditional printmaking techniques where a flat plate is created by the artist and each “print” is hand pulled to create lithographs, monotypes, screenprints, etc. Usually the plate is destroyed after a limited number of prints are made. The group of prints are considered an Edition.

Giclees are reproductions of original art that are printed using very high quality printers with real pigmented inks.  Giclee reproductions last hundreds of years.  Giclee prints are simply not the same as an image printed on your home inkjet printer. Giclee are often considered Open Editions because they can be reproduced at will once the formatting and color correcting is complete.

I am not a printmaker but I am an artist who is  offering giclee reproductions of my work.  These are not the same as the original pieces but they do cost less and afford a bit of flexibility because of the varying size availability.