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Hidden in the hills surrounding Machynlleth, Wales is a small, stone cottage named Bron Yr Aur. There are several translations from Welsh to English but it basically means “breast of the gold.” That descriptive name reflects the view from the cottage on clear days. The quiet, golden light bounces off the surrounding hills and is surely a sight to see.

Bron Yr Aur is nestled in the hills continuing it’s life as it has for some 300 years. Pen Piner, a forgotten cottage ruin, is hidden in the dark forest behind Bron Yr Aur. Bron Yr Aur and Pen Piner could have both been famous in their day but this is something that we will never know.

Bron Yr Aur however, did become famous to the modern world and this is how...

In 1970, upon returning to England from a tiring U.S. Tour, Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page decided to retreat to
Bron Yr Aur. Robert had visited the cottage several times before on holiday with his family. He suggested that he and Jimmy go to Bron Yr Aur because of it’s remote location. During their month long stay, the musicians wrote songs that would later be recorded to leave an indelible mark in music history.

The Bron Yr Aur Project, an exhibition of artistic works, was held in Machynlleth, Wales in 2015. The exhibition was an effort to bring the well known yet private Bron Yr Aur down from those hills for world to see.

The Bron Yr Aur Project included work from Scott and Ruth Roe, White Dove, Simon O’Rourke, Ben Kennedy, and Jim Stallings.
Jim’s work for “The Project” was solo exhibited at MOMA Wales (MOMA Machynlleth) April-May, 2015. He is the first artist commissioned to paint Bron Yr Aur and the only American artist with permission to do so.

Jim continues to paint for Bron Yr Aur and a selection of this work was exhibited during The Quinlan Visual Arts Center's spring exhibition April 13 - June 3, 2017.